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S E N I O R S. J U S T. W A N N A. H A V E. F U N.

August 15, 2022

When selecting a place for a senior loved one, there are so very many things to take into consideration. The most pressing of course may be location and cost, however one of the most impactful factors for our loved one's life, may be the amenities and specifically amenity spaces offered. Though there are a myriad of services these facilities may office (such as linen service, housekeeping, internet and entertainment to name a few), I'll concentrate on the physical space since that's where we get to have fun!

Our designers have been working on quite a few very unique spaces within the senior sector, and we'd love to share with you.

  • Various and Multiple Dining Options: The formal and casual Dining Room provides standard mealtime service, however busy seniors appreciate a café or deli-style marketplace offering meals to go.

Fairfield Chair, Greenbrier Wing Chair

  • Indoor Health & Wellness: Providing multiple dedicated areas to support a healthy senior lifestyle is so important. Group exercise class space (personal trainers are a bonus!) Fitness Centers including swimming pools (think water aerobics) are all great indoor spaces for activity.

  • Outdoor Health & Wellness: Getting some fresh air and exercising outdoors is so healing. Popular spaces include walking trails, putting greens, shuffleboard, tennis and pickleball courts.

  • A Pamper Place: An on-site spa, beauty salon and barber shop may seem indulgent to those that can easily travel to their favorite hairdresser or nail tech, however for a senior to casually drop in after a dip in the pool or a bite at the café, this luxury is just what they want, and deserve.

  • Create, Create: In this chapter of life, residents often take up a new hobby, or learn a new skill. Ways in which a community can indulge in this phase includes providing an Art Studio with classes and workshops, and an on-site theater allowing residents to foster their creativity. Offer professionals as consultants to guide in this process.

Fairfield Chair, Bryant Bar Stool & Chair

  • Let's Get Social: Sharing in life's experience is critical, many seniors love to come together and share life. A stunning, inviting bar, pub and lounge including an outdoor patio space are perfect spaces to accommodate friends for informal, important gathers. Meeting new friends and fostering relationships is key to a healthy social life as well.

  • Entertain Me: Popcorn and a Movie, Cues and an 8 ball, a scrumptious cooking experiment all are easy forms of entertainment if you provide the proper space to the residents. Lead cooking classes, host a comedy movie, perform's all good!

Fairfield Chair, Conrad Lounge Chair

  • Keep Growing!: Most seniors look forward to continuing to learn new things, and also stay current in their skills and field that has brought them to today. A library and internet café for instance can offer the place and the equipment/tools to continue their learning journey.

Seniors deserve our ultimate respect and support in my opinion. I've often said, when I "come back" I'd like to be the ED of an senior center. These residents, relatives, loved ones are our soul, our history, our rock, and deserve our respect, love and pampering. Is there a love one you have integrated into senior housing? What have you observed, enjoyed?

- Kit DeWitt, Principal

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