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N E O C O N. 2 0 2 3.

June 27, 2023

Well that was fun! NeoCon 2023 is officially a wrap, and I've got to say it was good to be back. Though this was my 39th show, it had to be one of my favorites. Our team spent two days learning about all the latest and greatest furniture and finish options in the commercial world.

NeoCon Trends as noted in Interior Design's article on June 20th, are now all the buzz as KDI designers develop our corporate, senior living and multi-family spaces. Though NeoCon began as the platform for industry leaders and designers to collaborate on what is or should be next in our commercial design world, we can also glean many elements for all clients.

Bright, Bulbous & Bold: As we walked thru the halls of the Mart and also Design Days at Fulton Market, we were drawn to the rich vibrant hues in most every showroom. The boldness drew us in as the colors create quite the energetic statement on seating elements.

Curve is the Word: Who doesn't love a curvy sofa or chair begging you to take a seat and relax? Andreu World always sets the bar high and their Bolete Lounge BIO was no exception. Craftsmanship, detail and curvilinear comfort all wrapped up in one stunning collection.

Hybrid Reminder: This topic is here to stay, as the workplace looks and acts much differently than "before". As designers we are tasked with creating an environment that is worth the commute, offering an employee experience vs a place to simply work. Private permanent work areas will always be preferred for focus time, accompanied by areas dedicated to socializing.

SHHHHHHH!: Each year there are numerous introductions in the acoustical arena, and this year was no exception. Gone are the days of single solution wall panels, sometimes even cut into unique shapes. No more! Wild compositions of acoustic elements transform a hard wall into a sound absorbing creative masterpiece. Light fixtures, furniture (yes, a PET chair), and of course ceiling treatments along with sound masking systems were all the "buzz" this year.

So it goes, my 39th NeoCon is in the books, and though things have evolved over the years (who remembers Spinneybeck baseballs?) our design world continues to amaze me with all we have to offer. How lucky are we, to be in an industry that is the greatest platform for making a difference in people's environment, capturing function and flair resulting in an awesome interior.

- Kit DeWitt, Principal

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