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F E B R U A R Y. F A V O R I T E S.

February 13, 2023

Phillip Jeffries' Daybreak: soft, ethereal light dances atop the peaks and valleys in this layered ombre mountainscape mural. Painterly brush strokes create dimensional texture up close and a beautiful scenic panorama from a distance - inviting you to simply soak up the view.

Make your meeting space all the more stylish by including Rouillard's Zaz stool. Bringing a warm contemporary feel to your conference rooms, Zaz is also a perfect choice in corporate dining spaces. Its coziness will allow anyone to relax. The collection's minimalist design creates a unique contrast by combining a fully upholstered curved back with angled legs. Perfectly tailor Zaz to your space by choosing from several base options (wood, metal and caster bases).

Throughout history, rivers have driven the evolution of urban development. Some of the oldest cities were built near these waterways for transportation, energy and trade. River influence on cities inspired Mohawk Group’s Urban Shores, a new collection – Drifting Current and Floating Forms. As part of The Waterways Project, the collection fosters a symbiotic relationship with rivers and interior spaces by encouraging respect for and protection of our water ecosystems. Mohawk Group’s Pattern Perfect tufting technology brings these biophilic patterns to life through precision color placement with exceptional definition and clarity.

Sculptural, pure, distinctive...The Nuez Table collection starts from the formal aspect of the Nuez seating collection. They are developed from pyramidal ash wood bases, in different heights. Its round envelopes cover a wide diameter range. Its wide variety of sizes and finishes allows multiple uses, in workspaces, waiting areas or lobbies, and also at home.

- Ginny Rosso, Managing Principal

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