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L I S T E N.

November 22, 2022

Listen! That is lesson number one for any interior designer. Actually, shouldn't that be lesson number one for any professional? Of course! In order to successfully form a partnership, one must truly be "listening and hearing" what the other person is saying and not be worrying a response. It takes two to have a conversation (usually ;0), and "one of the keys to a successful conversation is listening. Forbes article extremely relevant in 2017 and today: Six Ways Listening Improves the Customer Experience.

Recently KDI was tasked with the refresh of an iconic dining establishment. Initially, the client had requested a consultation with hopes of a simple update. As our designers LISTENED and HEARD what our client was saying, we immediately realized our task was much more than new chairs, tables and paint. They needed (and subsequently realized they wanted) a new personality and vibe. Such an easy task once understood.

Our ability to create an energy for this space through our thorough evaluation of the environment's goals is being realized as we progress with the plans. Decluttering, revitalizing a confused space with such deep roots through the use of paint, light fixtures, banquettes, reupholstered seating, draperies.....and a Buffalo named Bernard. Yes, a buffalo.

KDI's branding creation, Bernard the Buffalo, exudes the edgy essence of our client's Bourbon Bar and Restaurant.

Ralph Lauren meets Bourbon Bar meets Chic Dining.....that needed a face. KDI suggested an icon which nods to the roots of this establishment and when looking around the space initially we counted numerous buffalo. Enter Bernard. He's edgy, he's cool, and he's all about the new vibe we have created within. Bernard, designed by our local muralist/artist, meets you at the front doors, his mug is on the hostess stand and POW! He is the entire back wall.

Deep, dark, cozy, inviting space with pops of plaid, black leather and velvets....seems fitting that Bernard has made his mark in such an awesome space. The complete transformation of this space has been such fun, and all encompassing. Interior Designers sometimes focus only on the interior. KDI prides ourselves in our goal of embracing our clients true needs, helping to guide the process, culminating in an amazing space and story.

- Kit DeWitt, Principal

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