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8 0 ' S. R E B I R T H.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

August 22, 2022

Recently I traded in my comfortable, sleek and typical "nice" car. I won't say the make and model, but it was (and I guess still is) considered a great car that most would be happy to drive about town. When my granddaughter put the final nail in the coffin by saying "Look, Nonnie (her great-grandmother) is here!!" when she saw MY car, that was it. I love you Mom, and your car is just great....for you. History here is I'm a total Indy Car freak, love sports cars, have owned and driven sports cars, but it was time to trade in the "nice" car and get exactly what I had wanted....A Jeep Wrangler. I'd missed my Jeeps (favorite car was a Commander, and also had a Wrangler). Love how high I sit (yes, for shorties it's a thing), and overall fun rugged impression. I had Sirus XM in my previous cars, but really never used it. First thing I did with my Wrangler, program my fav station 8 for 80's! Is there anyone that can sit still when "I Feel for You" comes on?

The 80's were hands down the best (imo) decade for music, and actually as design trends go, the 80's were full of some pretty cool elements …. and some not so much. I was lucky enough to launch my career in '82 when the economy was booming, technology was making strides, and girl-power was becoming a thing with more women entering the C-Suite. Similar to our world today, it was a decade of change and upheaval, and yet there was the added element of opulence in the 80's.

The 80's are remembered for glass block. Laura Ashley, lucite and shabby chic ruffles, floral everywhere. Gag me with a spoon (I think that was a phrase from that era too?). However we are seeing quite a minimalist take on 1980's. With a few sculptural statement pieces being the focal point. This paired down design philosophy is much more about the shape, fabric, texture of the furniture.

Another 80's vibe that we are seeing in the commercial interior arena : Color! Interiors with retro vibes accomplished by curved and channeled elements sporting pops of bold color as shown below let the space evolve into a showstopper.

And who can forget the mauve and grey tones from the 80's? As with most trends whether it be appliances, fashions or interiors those fads will return with a vengeance. Initially I was so turned off by the "new rose", which screamed mauve to me. However as with most things, they sneak into a familiar comfort role, and are now taking the stage. The below image is great example of the soft neutrals (one of which is a rosey grey tile wall) popping with warm wood tones, and yes, those mauve, rose pink, whatever you'd like to use to describe this awesome!

Be careful what you ask just might come back to haunt, or sometimes excite you!

- Kit DeWitt, Principal

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