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Terms & Conditions

1. Prices quoted are valid for 30 days unless otherwise noted. All orders are subject to approval by our credit department.

2. All deposits shall be provided prior to order entry and will be applied against the first invoice.

3. Terms of sales are Net 30 Days upon receipt of invoice. Invoices will be tendered upon receipt of items at our warehouse. A service charge of 1.5% per month (18% annual percentage rate) will be added to all unpaid balances beyond 30 days from the invoice date. Client shall not withhold payment in excess of the selling price of the specific merchandise that has not been delivered or is subject to repair and/or replacement. Credit card payment shall include a processing charge of 3.7%.

4. If Client terminates this contract after work has begun, or if Client requests changes or postponements to Job Schedule that results in work stoppage, Client shall pay KDI that portion of contract equal to work completed, including changes and additions, or 25% of total contract, whichever is greater. In addition, Client shall reimburse KDI for all materials purchased for project.

5. All sales are final. Requests for changes in quantity or specification shall be in writing and subject to the approval of the manufacturer and/or KDI. Any resulting charges imposed by the manufacturer shall be paid by the Client.

6. KDI agrees to assign its right to any and all manufacturer warranties to the Client.

7. Manufacturer's Warranty: The Owner agrees that the only warranty they shall receive for product purchased through KDI shall come from the manufacturer of the product. KDI agrees to use their best efforts to assist Owner in enforcing warranty; however, Repair or Replacement of defective products under warranty is at the sole discretion of the manufacturer. KDI does not replace defective products with new products.

8. KDI will provide 30 days free storage. Beyond 30 days, a monthly charge will be assessed and is payable by the client. In the event of construction delays, or other causes not within our control, the merchandise will be considered accepted by the Client for purposes of payment. The Client has the right to withhold 5% of the invoice amount against completion of delivery.

9. On direct shipments, not including installation, the Client shall receive and install. It is the Client’s responsibility to inspect the merchandise and file freight claims. KDI cannot be held responsible for cost of repairs and/or replacement of damaged goods. The Client shall inspect and conditionally accept furnishings delivered. Any exceptions shall be immediately reported in writing to KDI.

10. Delivery and installation will be performed during normal working hours, unless otherwise noted. Additional labor costs resulting from overtime work performed at the Client's request shall be paid by the Client. Unless otherwise noted, installation costs are based upon union labor. The job site must be free and clear of debris and other trades prior to installation. The Client is responsible for providing the installer access to at least one elevator if applicable. Installation pertains to merchandise on this order and does not include moving or handling of existing furnishings, machines, etc. unless otherwise noted. All furnishings will be left clean and in working order. All cartons and packaging materials will be removed to waste disposal containers provided by the Client unless otherwise noted, and the premises will be left broom clean. Client is responsible for the security of all delivered products.

11. KDI is not responsible for costs incurred as a result of matters outside of its control, such as: force of nature, strikes, lockout, work stoppage, acts of God, or any other delays. KDI does not assume any responsibility for consequential damages or loss of anticipatory profits resulting from the use of the merchandise; delay in its delivery or installation or for misuse or abuse by the Client.

12. Client may retain 5% (five percent) of total amount due on final invoice, should there be unresolved (punchlist) items. Amount held in Retainage shall be due immediately upon completion of work.

13. Right to Photograph the Work. Owner shall permit KDI or person(s) employed or engaged by KDI, without compensation or consideration to Owner, to take photographs at the project site of both completed work and work in progress, for purposes including, but not limited to, publication in print media, use in publication via the internet, and use in marketing materials used by KDI. Such photographs and any accompanying descriptions shall not identify Owner of the property address of project without the written consent of Owner.

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