This Sucks [a #wfhwk perspective]

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

So here I sit, at our dining room table, as my husband is currently occupying our home office. This is weird, and this sucks. I have always thought of myself as a mildly introverted person and figured this stay-at-home order might actually be a nice change of pace for me. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Here's what my day used to look like:

5: My husband's first (of like 7) alarm goes off. I lay in bed catching up on social media and watching the news until I get ready at about 6:30 until our youngest (almost 1!) wakes up at about 7.

7: Mike gets Parker ready and I wake up our oldest (2.5yo) and get her ready. Our kids split their time between daycare and grammy's (Mike's mom) house so depending on the day, we divide and conquer drop off duty.

8: Usually I'm one of the first ones in the office. I'm weird about getting my day started and being ready to field questions as soon as the office fills up. Answer e-mails, collaborate with my team, meet with clients, play with finishes in our studio, yada yada

5(ish): I try and get out of the office at 5. Ever since having kids, I have really tried to master the work-life harmony thing. If you haven't heard of work-life harmony, check it out. Pick up the kids from daycare or Grammy's house, make dinner, bath and bedtime for the kiddos.

8: I know we're supposed to limit screen time, but I'll admit it, I LOVE winding down at the end of the night to my favorite shows. I've got my tv show schedule and honestly... don't mess with it. I'll answer a few e-mails on my phone, update social media, and then turn my brain off before hitting the hay at about 10.

Here's what my day looks like now

We have no schedule, no set routine and trust me...I've read the blogs that give very helpful suggestions for how to survive this stay-at-home order. But with 2 kids under the age of 3, it's all crap. I'm trying to get my work done, maintain a healthy relationship with my husband, get in touch with my grandma (who's learning the world of Zoom to see her great grand babies), keep up on household tasks, make home cooked meals (although we support local and order for pick up every once in awhile) all while trying to stay positive (find those rainbows throughout your day!) and survive.

To everyone out there struggling to find routine, it's OK. For those of you that feel like you're losing it, it's OK. And to those that feel like they've got it together and have mastered this new stay-at-home lifestyle... give the rest of us some grace as we try and navigate these very weird times.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay sane.



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