Then + Now

Five months ago, I was a different person. Five months ago, I didn’t appreciate to the full extent the world around me. I took so much for granted, priorities out of whack, and life was oh so good. Now, I look back to that time in my life and realize how very much I miss the rhythm, the flow, the ying and the yang of life that was my norm at the time. It helps me to jot down my thoughts, to embrace the here and now, and realize all that we truly can hold dear to us then, and now.

Five Months Ago:

· I was in the office every day of the week, and had a Dining Room table that looked like everyone else’s table, ready to welcome a family meal.

· I hopped out of bed, made the bed, hopped into the shower, carefully selected an outfit, grabbed coffee and a quick chat with hubby, and then off to the office.

· I didn’t have time to exercise. Too busy, too much work, maybe a bit too lazy?

· I held and attended many internal (and external) meetings. Some would say too many meetings, but necessary.

· I would stand in our studio exactly one week before shut-down and state “We need to reevaluate our company culture and get back to the basics. Working remotely is a nice perk, but we really need to capitalize on our team culture, collaborate, and communicate in the best way possible, in person.”

· We decided to put our 9,000sf building on the market in an effort to downsize and find a more intimate & collaborative home for KDI, exactly one week before……COVID.


· I’m blessed to be back in the office as of June 1st, and be with my Team, however for over two months I personally did not step foot in our studio.

· My Dining Room table has sported double monitors, keyboard tray and zoom platform which is a cake plate, for the laptop (got to get that perfect angle), for the past 5 months. Remnants of the past 5 months are scattered across the table, mimicking my office desk set-up.

· I have logged many many miles over the past 5 months, stopping to smell the flowers and relishing in nature. My initial walking photos sported snow covered tulips along the path, and now all the horses along my 6 mile trail that I have given names, lift their heads to say hello, and it’s going to be okay.

· I am a Zoom aficionado, and purchased the annual plan knowing my life will include this tool for at least the near future….turning into a longer future.

· And WFH were 3 letters that I struggled with for the first month, and yet quickly embraced the logical 3 letters that closely resembled this grouping….WT?

Our team is back together, and our studio is still on the market. Now more than ever we understand the importance of human interaction after having to be apart for so very long. Our culture is stronger than ever, as our true spirit and grit has gotten us through the initial phase of this pandemic, and we will stick together thru the future phases whatever they may hold.

Our business has taken a huge hit. Our clients have taken a hit. Our manufacturers have taken a hit. Our partners have taken a hit. This just stinks that we are all experiencing this, but it also reminds me of one of the many sayings that helped us get thru this first phase….We are all in this together. We are all strong, we have the grit and resilience that is necessary to come out the other side.

We’ve been tested like never before in our lifetime, and yet before in our lifetime we too have had the hurdles placed in our path, teaching us that we first must be strong, and happiness shall follow.

Healthy Hugs,


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