Ninth Week [our new norm]

The craziness continues. We have entered our ninth week of isolation. Tuesdays have always been KDI internal days. If you hold a position where you typically are out in society seeking commercial furniture opportunities, Tuesdays are your in-office day. The day to connect with your team, tackle everything “together”. Today, I’ll be attending four Zoom Team Meetings, for the 9th week. Isn’t it telling that the enormity of that statement doesn’t phase me? Don’t get me wrong, I am typically a very positive, optimistic, glass half full kind of gal. And for the most part, throughout this crisis I’ve remained true to myself. But I’ve had my moments. Can anyone honestly say they haven’t had a meltdown or two, or three????

We are starved for our old norm. We long for our old ways of life. The very life that at times drove us crazy with the hustle, bustle and monotony at times. I’d welcome that with open arms right now! In isolation, my family has celebrated with tenacity our grandson’s first birthday, Good Friday, Easter, watched our grandson walk for the first time via video, and tried to answer our granddaughter’s question of “why can’t we touch the sun?”. If these have a tone of heartache, I guess I could say yeah, it sucks. But really, there are rainbows as well.

We’ve reconnected with several groups of friends across the country, rekindled family ties while not only “zooming” about how the kids are coping, and parents are dealing, but also planning a reunion of sorts as something to truly look forward to. And a sunny bbq while adhering to social distancing near my family warmed my heart for days.

Life has slowed down, inherently forcing us to smell those roses, take a breather, and cherish our lives now as we tackle the invisible virus and all its terrible affects, and in the future, where we will be living our lives a bit less recklessly, stopping to take time for ourselves, and embrace our neighbors knowing we all overcame a crisis together, and yet we all will have our little battles with the new norm as well.

As we enter a phase where our world re-opens, my wish is that your hearts are able to swell with the pride which should be felt by all, we will have conquered, and found a rainbow, or two, or three.

Healthy Hugs,


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