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N E O C O N. S T A N D O U T S.

June 16, 2022

Yesterday marked the last day of Chicago's amazing "big show"….. NeoCon. My introduction to the "big show" happened 40 years ago when I was blown away by the invitation to work for a major manufacturer in their showroom. Back then, we all collected the giveaways, some of which became valuable items now sold on Ebay (Spinneybeck baseballs in a rainbow of colors were my fav), and the showrooms with the coolest bags were hot to say the least.

A lot has changed since 1982, and a lot has remained the same. The Mart is bustling with activity and that does the heart good, especially given its challenges to keep tenants due to a mass exodus to a new design mecca over in Fulton Market. So the landscape looked a bit different, but the heart of what we do is always fueled by the discovery of all things amazing when it comes to design trends and products.

As Kristin Cerutti of Nelson Worldwide reminds us, "..after experiencing the collective trauma of COVID-19, today's workforce is now in the thick of what is being called "The Great Resignation". Studies show that a huge part of making individuals feel comfortable, safe, and productive has to do with their environment. On top of that, most employees are feeling better supported in their physical space at home, than in the office" Read More

Products we have been providing to our clients lean towards a "resimercial" vibe, offering a more comfy yet functional solution in the workplace. After all, a lot of the workforce has been home in their pjs on the sofa for the past 2 years!

Some of our favs:

Andreu World's beautifully refined sofa beckons teammates to chat or curl up with the laptop, just like home.

JSI's Cozy yet Practical Set Up

OFS's open shelving unit looks as though you stole it from home.

Take a seat, take a nap, take a Via Seating's Astro Chair.

Biophilia, the buzz word of the workplace these days. Bring that outdoors in, but better yet, get outside in the fresh air! Source International's Garden series welcomes a picnic lunch!

Give Us some Privacy, Please! Though we're thrilled to be seeing each other again, sometimes we realize there's no substitution for the one on one without any interruptions (leave the kids, dogs and other half at home!) Check out this Dauphin Acoustic Pod complete with Ion Cloud system killing airborne pathogens and lighting.

We find ourselves saying Covid did us some favors (those silver linings), and we'd say the workspace reassessment was a welcome change. Good design reacts to the people and their environment. These are the tools of our trade, the furnishings that keep you comfortable, and productive. So much to discover.

- Kit DeWitt, Principal

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