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M E N T A L. H E A L T H.

May 31, 2022

Today marks the last day of May, Mental Health Awareness month. As you look back at the past 31 days can you honestly say you've been good to yourself and others, recognizing that you may have a friend, relative, co-worker or you yourself who may deal with mental illness? Does your workplace foster a healthy space for you and your co-workers?

The past two plus years have tested our wellbeing and mental health for sure. The workplace has been completely upended with the rebounding, successful workplace focusing on health & wellbeing by providing employees a mindful balance. Taking a fresh look at the physical space of the workplace is crucial. As cited by Indeed, "A healthy workplace is one in which employees and their leaders actively work together to create a work environment that promotes and protects the health, safety and well-being of all employees.

Creating a workplace environment that recognizes, acknowledges and promotes the importance of positive mental health is one of the most important things an employer can do to improve their organization." To read more about promoting mental health in the Workplace, click HERE.

So many of our workspaces include the creative open environment which promoted the buzz word "collaboration" just prior to the Vid. With all the stress, anxiety and simply depressing effects of the pandemic, our workplace needs to foster a safe, yet social aspect for our wellbeing, period. Employers can tackle some of the obstacles by:

  • Offering places of respite, whether to take a private phone call, a snooze, just time away from one's desk space.

  • Quiet space: offer noise-cancelling headphones, white noise machine, physical space to get away.

  • Appropriate lighting, including natural light whenever possible.

  • Collaboration/touch-down areas to foster teamwork.

  • Allow for employees to personalize their space.

  • Organized workplace, reducing the distraction of clutter.

Sincerely, I'm hopeful that you and your loved ones close this Mental Health Awareness month with the peace which comes simply from awareness, acting upon that awareness and diligently supporting those that are afflicted. Take care of yourself, and your loved ones.

- Kit DeWitt, Principal

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