Avoid the Sunday Scaries & Prepare for the Week Ahead

Weekday or weekend? The days seem to be running together now that most of us are working from home, so we're here to help you get ready for the week ahead. Between working, homeschooling, being trapped in a house with your family 24/7, it's a lot. Take care of yourself and do what you're able to keep what normalcy you can.

Organize your workspace. Whether it be your home office or your kitchen table, organizing and picking up your "desk" can help you tackle the Monday morning to do list like a champ. Not only does clutter look terrible, it creates chaos psychologically. This creates anxiety and makes your day seem overwhelming. Did you know that a clean workspace increases persistence by 84%? If this hasn't convinced you, it's proven that an organized desk provides the following benefits:

  • More likely to make healthier food choices

  • Improve mental stability

  • Increase productivity

  • More likely to sleep better

  • Improve focus

Take 30 and think about the next 5 days. What do they look like? How do you want them to go? This not only includes tasks/projects at work, but your household to do's as well. Clear your mind and get these bullet points down on paper. writing them down will not only help you remember, but it'll lessen the burden on your mind. Look at your calendar...is there anything on there that might be achieved in an e-mail (we all know THOSE meetings)? Set yourself up for success and make sure that you block out time for important tasks.

Channel your inner stylist. Pick out your clothes for the week. Not only does this allow you a few extra minutes of sleep, but it'll make your mornings go a bit smoother. What to take it a step further? Wear the same outfit everyday...gasp!

Treat yo self! Take a hot shower, go through your skin care routine and hey, maybe even wear that fuzzy robe that hasn't been worn in a while. Taking care of yourself is essential to beginning your week on a high note. The week gets hectic, and some of these luxuries are put on the back burner (I know I'm over-using dry shampoo lately!), so take Sunday night and make them a priority. Need some inspiration? Try this life changing skin care routine!

Put your phone away! Yup, I said it. The National Sleep Foundation recommends you stop using electronic devices, like your cellphone, at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Read a book, talk to your spouse, meditate...literally do anything but look at your phone. Not only will you get lost in the Tik Tok black hole, you'll check e-mails, get lost in social media and your brain will. not. stop. Reflect on last week... the highs and the lows. What can you change this week?

Get your beauty rest. This may be the most important of them all, so get your dang sleep!

You got this.



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