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Updated: May 14, 2020

We’re all in the same boat. “Sheltering” at home to some extent. At first, I thought the word was sweet, serene, offering comfort in our safe haven that was being required. Shelter…..safe. Home….where the family and heart reside. Fast forward NINE WEEKS, and I’m quite frankly over the sheltering situation.

Over the past several years I’ve been obsessed with “treasure hunting”. Sifting through scoped out antique shops, thrift shops and yard sales, I’ve been known to find some great diamonds in the rough. I’m not hard core like some, I’m not begging my husband to throw the old sofa in the truck so we can rip it apart, and rebuild a new treasure. I’m in awe of those that have that energy, but I’d rather find treasures that have a history and just need a new home to bless with their story.

I do realize that most any item can be upcycled into a treasure though. It’s an awesome way to save money and create something unique and personal, all your own. So here are some of my favorite ideas, for now if you are needing a diversion to the world happenings, and have items in your basement, garage, attic, or possibly someone is cleaning out their basement, garage or attic while they are home and you can find your new project outside, socially distancing, and gathering goodies.

An old piece of furniture can be spruced up with a little elbow grease, paint and contact paper. Add a tassel for some bling and you have a cute new statement piece!

Who isn’t cooking a TON these days. I personally have not spent more time in the kitchen (not only is it my office now, but also I’m getting reacquainted with all my measuring spoons and pantry! So instead of tossing those cans in the recycling bin, how about upcycling them into awesome planters! File the edges, wrap with wallpaper or wrapping paper and set with double stick tape!

In the garage or shed, that little pile of extra bricks from the patio project are just screaming for you to give them some love. How simple can it be to throw some potting soil into each hole and plop in some succulents! Even paint the brick if you’d like to add your personal flair!

Don’t leave the garage! There’s more to do in here. That old window that you either replaced with new and thought you’d someday do something with it….you’re sheltering now, so let’s get ‘er done! Transform into an organizer for the kids while you all are working, studying, playing and reconnected at home! Paint a pane with chalkboard paint, add a shelf, some hooks and wala!

And last for our sheltering at home projects, who is going through TONS of paper towels. And maybe there is something to the toilet paper hoarding, I still don’t get that one. But anyway, with a little creative juices applied to these paper rolls that you’d typically toss, you could paint, wrap, and glue together to create another wall organizer for knick-knacks, keys, air plants, you name it!

So these are just a few ideas to keep our minds busy, our hands active and our souls fed. We all need a break, and what we do with that break is entirely up to us as individuals. Since I personally can’t go to my favorite antique joints, which usually serve as an outing more than a shopping venture, I thought I’d share a few ideas if you shelter in the creative way. Whatever way is yours, please stay healthy in mind and body and know that we WILL be treasure hunting, or experiencing life in a new way doing “your” thing, soon. May you find your rainbows today, since the storm will pass.

Healthy Hugs,


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