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E R G O N O M I C S.

September 27, 2022

Maybe not "before" but "alongside" such interiors buzzwords such as biophilia, collaboration, holistic, was the design reference to ergonomics. As I began researching before stating my thoughts on ergonomics, it's quite evident that this is a can of worms that can be opened and addressed in a myriad of ways. "What are the 3 types of ergonomics", "What are the 4 pillars of ergonomics", "What are the 5 aspects of ergonomics" ….and the list goes on.

According to Google:

3 types of ergonomics: physical, cognitive and organizational

4 pillars of ergonomics: prepare, prevent, protect and respond

5 aspects of ergonomics: safety, comfort, ease of use, productivity/performance and aesthetics

In reading Healthy Rosters Blog, it becomes clear the bottom line message: Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency (and I'd emphasize SAFETY) in their work environment.

As an Interior Design Firm & Furniture Dealership, KDI is responsible not only for the appropriate selection of ergonomic tools such as workstations and chairs but also environment influences.

VIA Seating's Genie provides a bevy of ergonomic features:

Ergonomic design is design that is focusd on people and how they might interact with something. The practice of ergonomics can be summed up simply as "fitting a workplace to an employee's needs:, or making people more comfortable at work, according to Kessebohmer Ergonomics.

The height adjustable workstation has become a standard offering for most companies, in their response to providing employees with a flexible, ergonomic workspace. According to UCLA Health the advantages of standing include:

  • Burn more calories compared to siting (20% more)

  • Reduce strain on lower back from prolonged sitting

  • Increase muscle activity compared to sitting

  • Combats a sedentary lifestyle compare to sitting

This video is a great tutorial on setting up your ergonomic desk area. Some of the suggestions may seem a bit dated, but great food for thought, including the exercises! KDI typically suggests standard tools to address all pain points (no pun intended) presented in this video.

  • Chair (VIA Seating Genie listed above is a great choice)

  • Height Adjustable Workstation:

  • Adjustable Monitor Arms

To wrap up, ESI Ergonomics has created an amazing Guideline for all the ergonomic tools we typically provide to our clients.

Truly at the end of the day, the basics of Ergonomic Design are rooted in the idea that humans are meant to move. The office and its furniture should provide that opportunity so that everyone is comfortable, and productive

- Kit DeWitt, Principal

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