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Monday June 1, 2020

Today is a day of “firsts”. The first of June, the first day towards our next norm at KDI. With this momentous event comes an array of emotions, thoughts, and cautious actions.

Today, the first day of the twelfth week highlighting an absurd period of time in our lives:

  • I could not have been more excited to shut off the alarm and start my “old/new” routine.

  • I put make-up on for the first time in too long (because Zoom meetings really don’t get up close and personal all that much).

  • I wore a dress for the first time in 12 weeks (actually cared about what I looked like below the shoulders).

  • I realized my hair had grown longer than it’s even been and had no clue what to do with it, other than the standard mess of the recent past.

  • I felt a giddiness, like a school girl on the first day of school after a long summer.

Then, I reached the office.

  • The alarm went off since I had forgotten my code.

  • I opened the coffee pot, which had been neglected for 12 weeks.

  • I sensed the calm and uncertainty of our studio desperately begging its occupants to return.

Then, the Team started arriving.

  • Anxiousness shown in an array of emotions and actions. The fabric of my being as a hugger was sooooo very conflicted as I welcomed them, donning my mask and awkwardly air embracing each one.

  • Our virtual Town Hall Zoom Meeting was held promptly at 8:30, with those in the studio standing 6 feet apart with masks, going thru “highs and lows” with our team mates who were working from their remote office.

  • An inkling of what they were feeling bubbling up, as there was a range of reactions.

How do I feel, am I going to be judged for this feeling, how’s everyone else dealing with the absurdity surrounding our world right now? Just knowing you are not alone can be one of the biggest comforts to some, and an annoyance to others as you attempt to comfort those not able to see the bright side as of yet. My husband put it best, it’s a lot like PTSD. Not that I would liken what our honorable armed forces have had to endure to my working from my dining room table, not one bit……we owe our freedom to those that have fought that fight!! But, it’s true that my WFH situation has proven to be traumatic, both the act of keeping it together remotely, but also the re-entry. My sanctuary, my home, provided the isolation that I needed most over the past 12 weeks, and today I sit at my desk with all the luxuries of the office at my fingertips, but the bubble has been popped. I’m re-entered, I’m with others and experiencing the togetherness, to a degree at least, that I have longed for oh so dearly. Yet, I see some of the team suffering with the uneasiness that the togetherness brings as well. I’m hoping that our KDI studio can provide the refuge, the support, the shelter that we all need today and into the future.

I pray that our country can begin to heal, not only from this pandemic, but from the unrest that is being witnessed across our land. I’ve lived my life hoping to be an example. Bigotry and hatred and racism have NO place in our world! Supporting one another for the good of mankind is our duty. Together we must get back on track, it’s the only way that next norm will be achieved. And lord knows, we need to get back to our routine of living each day to the fullest, without worry of a virus, or unrest.

Choose Kindness,


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