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D I V E R S E. W O R K L O A D.

July 12, 2022

My firm is blessed to work in three very unique and fulfilling project arenas; Corporate, Multi-Family and Senior Living facilities. Each provides us with a chance to positively impact our clients and their teams or guests through our creative use of finishes, fabrics, and furniture.

Our corporate portfolio these days consists of some very high profile, technically stunning interiors incorporating elements such as acoustical panels, state of the art lighting & architectural elements including lightbox windows for a discerning client needing to bring the outdoors in, within a warehouse setting. This sector, most severely affected by the pandemic continues to rally, adapting to a very new norm in an effort to entice and support their returning teams.

KDI Project: ALDI Inc.

Our multi-family clients were our steady eddy thru the pandemic, as we were tasked with updating amenity areas and common spaces in order to address the residents' new norm which often included remaining in the high rise not only when "living their life" but also "working from home". It was, and continues to be imperative for our clients to create an interior relevant to the residents' needs of today, which includes upgraded and thoughtfully appointed interiors in the common areas.

KDI Project: Sky 55

Our senior-living projects also remained on the front burner as it was critical to keep the residents safe and comfortable in their home. This wasn't an exceptional situation however. We've always taken to heart our responsibility to provide an amazing facility to our SL clients and have elevated our designs through stunning finishes and furnishings, but also have suggested new amenity spaces in an effort for our clients to remain relevant in this competitive space. More on unique and creative amenity ideas for seniors in my next blog.

KDI Project: Villa St. Benedict

Til then, does your work setting allow for a diverse portfolio, offering your creativity to soar? Tell me your story, all creatives love to hear each other's path and accomplishments.

- Kit DeWitt, Principal

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