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D E S K S. T O D A Y.

September 20, 2022

At the beginning of my career (and for decades prior) the office consisted of massive pieces of furniture, including traditionally styled desks, bookcases, and filing cabinets. It was a reflection of the times with a worksurface for writing notes, typing documents, and even intimidating lower ranking employees. The Open Office Area of the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's was home to high paneled cubicles, landscaping the area with individual private workstations.

As technology modernized the workplace, there was a shrinking of cubicles, a morphing of the open office area and transition in the Private Office as well. The work environment started to include collaboration spots, solo or heads down areas,

Touhy Xpect

and private work spaces that offered an assigned area. In 2010 for instance, a shelf typically sported family photos and degrees making the space a work "home" for its designated occupant. Now, private belongings may be scooped up at the end of the day and stored in a new locker system til the next day in the office.

OFS Intermix

Then, Covid. The workforce across the board was shut down, and 2 years later some desks remain empty. For those that the world has returned to a new norm, the workspace has opened back up, with a hybrid environment and schedule oftentimes. The new office may offer less personalization, more on-demand, and less assigned desks. A new, shared environment consisting of many familiar elements, and some new.

Group Lacasse Paradigm Panel System


Ht. Adjustable Desks had become a standard for many of KDI's client in 2015, Today, the height adjustable desk market is estimated to be $6.7B. That figures is expected to rise to $10.3B by 2028, according to a Market Reports World analysis. Obviously many prescribe to the notion that "sitting is the new smoking".

Couple height adjustable desks with double monitor arms, an ergonomic task chair, suitable flexible filing/storage and alternate touch-down or collaboration areas, and you are now providing your workforce with a set-up both functional yet reminiscent of their makeshift office and comfortable living areas at home.

Inscape RockIt


A few of the carryovers from home that have made their way into the work arena include lounge areas, décor (art & rugs for instance). The work style is more relaxed, even our attire has become more casual as things have been put into perspective. And with that said, our lounge areas offering togetherness and furnishing/interior style in general has been captured by the term "Resimercial", the combination of residential and commercial components together make a place where employees are comfortable and happy. Ironically this term popped up in 2019, how fitting as it exemplifies the goal of creating just what we all want and need, then....and now.

JSI Finn Lounge and Indie Pouf

- Kit DeWitt, Principal

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