Covid-19 Update

"WE are all in this together, stay strong, keep your chin up, wash your hands, new norm, COVID 19”. Who else is completely fed up with what we are going through as a nation? I will admit, exactly one month ago, we held our first Town Hall Meeting via Zoom (was new to me at the time, now a new norm thing), and my take at the time was I needed to be the type of leader that would help the KDI Team get through the crisis at hand. I’ve always taken my title of Head Cheerleader very seriously. It’s what I do, it’s in my nature to always see the world through rose colored glasses, the glass half full, you know the sayings, and yet I truly cannot physically/mentally see things any differently. This too will be something that needs to be addressed.

SO we got through the first week, all adjusting to our working remotely. Keep in mind that one week prior to the WFH status I ironically stood in our studio announcing to the team that we would be rethinking our own workspace, to increase our collaboration even more so and limit the working remote status as I personally felt that a bit of our culture was being lost. But, one week down and we had survived and were doing daily Zoom Town Halls. Really wish I had known about this tool, and bought stock 2 months prior!

Just before the Covid Crisis emerged, my husband Jan & I had come down with an extremely nasty bug. We actually were told to get tested, and thankfully results were negative. During this first week we needed to be strong for the team, staying positive not only for them, but also to get our health back in order (I NEVER get sick!). We rallied well, and moved onto the next challenge, how in the world do you keep a team motivated, connected, and well both in body and mind?!?! Zoom, notes, and kind words of support, often.

Week Two started some one on one Zooms with the Team. That positive vibe thing that I have/had going was what some team members needed to get through the day, but others? Nope, shoot straight, we want to know the real deal so if the sky is falling, let us know! Lesson, another hurdle in the remote world of a leader, not all will respond the same, not all are wired the same, and at times of crisis, there needs to be a general happy medium since I can’t say “let’s chat over a cup of coffee in the Huddle Room OK?”

Immersing myself in Zoom Meetings, with titles like “Building Resilience & Stress Tolerance in Time of Crisis”, “Supporting Your Organizational Culture During Crisis”, “Addressing the Unknown”, “Demystifying the CARES Act”, the list goes on…my new norm. Weeks progressed, days were lost, and our #WFH status took on a life of its own.

Today, we are functioning, we are strong, and we all are committed to getting back to a REAL norm. We miss each other, we miss our routine, and we miss the way life was just 2 months ago. My stance since Day One of this Crisis has always been to spread HOPE & be the POSITIVE VIBE for others. We all need some RAINBOWS, and this storm too shall pass.

Healthy Hugs,


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