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C O L O R.

June 14, 2022

Firstly, I am one for color. I absolutely love bold palettes, patterns, textures….anything with a big pop making a statement. As a 40 year veteran in the world of design I understand color transmits a vibe to any environment which can express a calculated mood.

There’s more to color than just that, color. You must incorporate the right hue, the right shade, the right saturation to have the greatest impact. The most obvious, lighter colors create a brighter space while darker lend a more intimate and warmer effect.

Fabricut Contract's Wild Side Fabric

Color has the potential to over or under stimulate the environment. Which are you leaning towards? In which space are you most comfortable? For our KDI Design Team we evaluate each and every project in a unique sense.

Senior Living: Color directly impacts mood and it has been proven it also impacts your cognitive ability and behavior. Red, for instance is linked to love, energy and can even increase a person’s pulse & heart rate. Yellow no doubt brings happiness & warmth. The use of blue results in high performance and a more relaxed mood. Intensity of color is key. Softer hues create a calm peaceful environment whereas more intense hues create excitement more appropriate for areas such as a activity spaces. Pattern and color contrast provides a differentiating element for seniors’ eyes creating a more comfortable and safe environment.

Corporate: Pantone's Color of the Year “Very Peri” sets the scene for 2022 especially in the corporate world. It’s stark contrast, yet complimenting nature to last year’s color “ultimate grey” creates a serene yet highly functioning space. We have seen such a grey trend over the past 5 years and for those spaces needing to retain grey elements, you will see pops of color and pattern creating an updated interior.

Multi-Family: Multi-Family properties are now functioning not only as home but workplace for many. The amenity and common areas need to provide home-like elements which include a connection with the natural environment, even and especially for our clients with properties in the city. Colors which transpire internally to our feeling healthy, serene and centered include subtle blues, calming greens and grounded tones which give us hope in looking at the future with optimism.

Though I do love color and pattern, bold in nature, I realize each and every one of our clients have a unique space and situation. It’s our job to determine the happy balance, creating the ideal interior no matter what interior category.

Here’s to color, bold and beautiful, or serene and calm in your future. What’s your preference?

- Kit DeWitt, Principal

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