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B I O P H I L I A. W H A T?

June 7, 2022

I remember, pre-pandemic (and I hate how I have to refer to a timeline based upon the VID, but it does put most of life in perspective these days), one of our favorite reps presented to our team all biophilia related products in her bag of tricks. It sounded like we were all of a sudden incorporating a science project into our interior projects which was a bit foreign. However, when you boil it down to what it truly means to our interiors it’s quite symbolic of all great design.

Interior Design begins with the human experience, and as designers we must look at how people live and work in today’s world. A holistic approach incorporates elements that promote health, safety and welfare. Our selection of finishes, furniture, lighting, acoustics all are directly related to that human experience.

Biophilia suggests that humans seek a deep connection with nature. The term translates to “the love of living things” in ancient Greek and is described as “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive”. In order to create this uniquely sensational environment consider the following:

  • Natural Environment. Incorporate features of the natural world, inside. (great resource: Plant Scape)

  • Natural Shapes. Use lines, shapes and forms that occur in nature. (great resource: Master Class article)

  • Natural Patterns in fabrics, flooring, tile.

  • Natural Light and Outdoor Views (skylights for instance) And when windows are not available, check this out!

  • Plants and Vegetation (living walls for instance, check this out!)

We all long for a sense of harmony with our home, workspace and world outside. What are some examples you have incorporated biophilia design, maybe unknowingly?

- Kit DeWitt, Principal

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