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A Day in the Life: KDI Project Coordinator

The PM Team at KDI shares a unique bond as working mothers, often swapping stories on how we juggle our careers and family lives. It’s a privilege to manage projects full-time while raising a family – it takes teamwork to make it all work seamlessly.

Early Morning Routine

My day kicks off at 5:30 am with a quick workout before the rest of my house is up and going. I then enjoy a cup of coffee in peace and quiet while doing the daily Wordle before everyone else gets up to start their day.

Getting Down to Work

By 8:00 am whether I’m at the office or working remotely, I dive into my workday. Catching up on my emails, reviewing project statuses and outlining my priorities for the day. (And let’s be honest if you are managing active projects, the phone starts ringing well before 8am.)

Mid-Morning Updates

Around 9:30 am our team gathers for a Product Intro session from one of our Manufacturer Representatives. This is where we learn the latest in Commercial Furniture, textiles and trends.  We utilize this time to brainstorm ideas for upcoming projects.  

Weekly Team Meeting

From 10:00am to 11:00am, we have our weekly team meeting. It’s crucial time to sync up with colleagues, share updates and strategize.

Afternoon Hustle

Most of my day is spent coordinating all the moving parts of a project(s). I place any purchase orders needed and…, email, email! I am in constant communication with Vendors, Clients and Reps! Check in on projects to make sure products are tracking to arrive in time for the set installation date coordinated between us, the Client and the Installation Company. Review order confirmations with the project Designer to make sure everything being ordered is accurate. When nearing a project install, we need to pull together an install packet that includes: product listings, floor plans, assembly instructions and look books.                                                   

When 4:00 rolls around I start wrapping up any loose ends for the day. Check in with other colleagues to see if anything is needed from me and that we are on track with projects.

Evening Balancing Act

Around 5:00 pm I head home to start my other job as the family chef and uber driver. I do love cooking so making a delicious dinner for my family is a great way for me to unwind from the day. Then it’s off to sports practice carpool if we are in season! In the Summer we often take walks after dinner and enjoy the outdoors. While I may glance at my work phone to see if anything urgent is needed, it often gets put away until the next morning. By 10:00pm I try to be in bed or at least winding down to start my day all over again.


The great thing about this profession is not every day or project is really the same, so it is always engaging!

Lindsay Ward, Project Coordinator

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