60 before 60

This blogging thing is new to me, though I love to write, and to connect, I’m not so great at putting myself out there on a routine basis. However, during this unique period of time, aren’t we all putting ourselves “out there” a bit more than just 8 weeks ago? I know I have needed to adjust my thinking to accomplish my goals these days. I was one of the last to get the dual monitors set up at home, and have now officially taken over the Dining Room as home base.

Today I was searching for a good topic. The 20 before 20, 30 before 30, etc headline caught me. Naturally I thought of talking about 20 people under the age of 20 that are impressing me and are deserving of a public shout out. But then I realized that I personally am at an age where I’m not familiar to that extent with 20 “under 20”, which quickly made me realize that holds true with the next generation as well. So, I switched gears and thought since this is a “big” year for me how about I share some goals before that big day.

Truly, I could come up with 60 goals (yes, I’m proud of the number since it’s a symbol of life experiences and the joy associated). But 60? You’d be bored and click away, so here goes, let’s just do half.

1. Shelter in Place order lifted and I immediately go grab my family, ALL of them, and squeeze HARD!

2. Take my grandkids to the lake for a week of uninterrupted YaYa, Papa, Sweet Pea and Mr. P time.

3. Keep walking 5 days per week in our neighborhood, continue to embrace nature right in my backyard.

4. Re-schedule our girls’ trip to Austin. Three generation of us girls going to TX so that Mom can visit her college roomie.

5. Schedule a family vacation each year, whether far or the lake house.

6. When socializing, listen more and respond genuinely.

7. Be the biggest cheerleader for my family and my team.

8. Support CASA Kane County in any way possible.

9. Continue hosting Vegas Night for Breast Cancer Awareness.

10. Be kind to everyone I meet.

11. Show interest in others when they speak, giving them time and respect.

12. Say “no” when I don’t want to do something.

13. Say “yes” when I do want to do something.

14. Let go of the mistakes I’ve made in the past. Live for the here and now, today’s a new day!

15. Make more time for myself.

16. Attend at least one Indy Car race per year.

17. Join a WBENC committee.

18. Reschedule Orvis Shooting Experience with Jan.

19. Schedule annual snowmobile trip with Jan for each January. Consider out west one year!

20. Take my grandchildren to the swimming pool at least 10 times each summer.

21. Continue Zoom social hour with girlfriends living across the country, once per quarter.

22. Make time for local girlfriends in person when Shelter in Place is lifted, at least once per quarter.

23. Visit the Art Museum with grandkids

24. Visit the Shedd Aquarium with grandkids.

25. Nutcracker with grandkids

26. Send handwritten note cards to friends.

27. Read more, vs watching TV

28. Schedule 4 generation Girls Trip for 2020

29. Visit the city once/quarter just to explore and experience something new each time.

30. Make more time for my daughter one on one.

It’s difficult to put goals on paper. There’s a vulnerability to this process. This strange time is offering us the opportunity to look at life from a different perspective. Don’t let it go to waste. Embrace the possibilities, and know that there are many rainbows being experienced through this storm. We will get to the other side, be strong, and stay safe.

Healthy Hugs,


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