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As a leading distributor of industrial products, with locations across the country, our client’s success and subsequent growth led to their need for additional space.  They moved their headquarters to a 4,500 square foot space in Rosemont, IL.  KDI selected finishes, incorporating their updated branding, and furniture was procured and delivered, meeting their tight schedule and budget.  Their new headquarters not only have a fresh and modern look, but also the functionality to allow their business model continued success.

Industrial Client: Text
Randall Metals_F-1096.jpg
Randall Metals_F-1090.jpg
Randall Metals_F-1109.jpg
Randall Metals_F-1071.jpg
Randall Metals_F-1049.jpg
Randall Metals_P-1119.jpg
Randall Metals_F-1134.jpg
Randall Metals_F-1010.jpg
Industrial Client: Gallery
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